The airlines reaffirm their commitment to sustainability

At its 72nd Annual General Meeting (AGM, for its acronym in English), the Association of International Air Transport Association (IATA) overwhelmingly approved a resolution urging governments to adopt a global plan of offsetting carbon of the forthcoming 39th Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) next fall. 
"airlines have a commitment to sustainability. the technological, operational and infrastructure improvements and the introduction of sustainable alternative fuels, are paying off. But to be a carbon neutral industry in 2020, it is also necessary to implement a program to offset emissions globally , "said Tony Tyler, CEO of IATA. 
in order to encourage adoption of a compensation system global emissions, the resolution supports the current measures of the aviation industry in managing their carbon footprint against climate change and for sustainable development; and urges governments to: 
· Consider eleven specific points to ensure the integrity of the environment and simplify the implementation of the compensation program, and avoiding, at the same time, market distortions.

· Ensure that current economic measures (including taxation), both at national and regional level, aimed at managing the environmental impact of industry eventually disappear, and ensure that new measures are introduced.

At the request of ICAO, governments are considering a proposal to implement a compensation plan and reduction of carbon emissions from international aviation (CORSIA, for its acronym in English). 
"CORSIA still developing. As an industry, concemos well our needs. Ask and cost effective measures to permanently reduce carbon emissions, through a simple, mandatory and apply globally to avoid the complexity and cost of implementing a patchwork of uncoordinated measures program. In addition, this program should not serve to generate a competitive or subject to market distortions space , "said Tony Tyler. 
Aviation was the first sector to set targets for reducing global carbon. These are: improving fuel efficiency by 1.5% annually through 2020, carbon neutral growth from 2020 and reducing emissions by half in 2050 compared to 2005. The industry was also the first to establish a comprehensive four - pillar strategy to achieve these objectives: the first to the third, the strategy focuses on new technologies (especially in the new eco - efficient aircraft and sustainable alternative fuels), greater operational efficiency and improving infrastructure, especially in the modernization of air traffic management. The fourth pillar -the implementation of a global plan of market- based measures is addressed with the implementation of CORSIA. 
This new resolution follows the landmark resolution adopted at the 69th Annual General Assembly of the IATA, in 2013, in which the airline industry agreed on the strategy to achieve carbon neutral industry. 
the full text of the resolution on the development of measures based on the market for international aviation (development of a Global market-based Measure for international aviation) can be downloaded in

Author: Julian Belinque

June 7 - IATA urges governments to adopt a global plan for carbon offsetting




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