Business Coaching

Boutique Hotel Management provides business coaching and support services for owners and operators of hotels, restaurants and small service businesses who are looking to improve their company’s performance. 

As one of our clients said – “An external independent consultancy service bought invaluable experience, support and guidance to our business assisting in a dramatic fiscal improvement and greatly improved customer satisfaction.”

With experience in luxury hospitality marketing, small business operations and online retailing, BHM brings an independent and highly knowledgeable expertise to assist your business to be more competitive.

Mark Dakin the principal founder of Boutique Hotel Management has been the front runner of some of the most awarded hotels and hospitality outlets in Australasia. 

Those companies that have engaged Boutique Hotel Management have also seen their businesses received multiply international accolades and improved fiscal results. 

When the BHM culture of customer service, operational systems and innovative sales & marketing are applied to other small businesses like yours, the results can also be just as rewarding.

Check out some of the multiply international awards that the Hotels & Resorts that Boutique Hotel Management a have achieved during their engagements with their clients.

Boutique Hotel Management is willing and capable to support and counsel your business today.

Contact Boutique Hotel Management today and see how we can help you improve your company results. email BHM